Thursday, June 22, 2017

Burn the coal

Never stop paying the toll:
New paint will go on the walls at Nicole Beverly's Ypsilanti Township house in the coming weeks.

She'll rip down the boards she nailed to the windows by the front door, too. Beverly put them up several years ago as a safety measure to ensure her abusive ex-husband couldn't break the glass and then reach inside to open the door.

"When he was stalking us, we literally had to do anything we could to slow him down," she said. "We nailed a board over each of my side windows. I had to replace my basement windows with glass block because the windows were big enough for him to get in. My friend's partner installed the safety lights in the back on the outside of the shed. We had an alarm system installed.

"It was as safe as it could be. ... I bought that house myself. … The house, for me, was independence from him. It was, you know, a fresh start.”

Beverly, 44, is preparing for the day this summer when she and her boys will have to leave that home and escape to a new life somewhere else, somewhere with better laws to protect survivors of abuse.

And that somewhere, she hopes, will be a safe haven not only for her, but for her two sons. She’s being forced out of Michigan and into hiding by an ex-husband who, she says, is intent on killing her and by weak laws that fail to protect survivors like her.

Kevin Beverly, 44, is serving out the end of his sentence on a 2012 aggravated stalking conviction involving his ex-wife. But even from prison, the threats have continued.

Four times in four years, he allegedly tried to hire people to kill Nicole and their children from prison or threatened to kill them himself when he’s released.
At least no one will ever call her racist, right? What madness is this?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

In fairness, male Democrats are creeps

Can you blame women for not wanting to get with them?
It turns out that Republicans are having sex more frequently than Democrats, a study published Monday revealed.

The study, conducted by Professor Nicholas H. Wolfinger, examined the sex lives of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Independents and Republicans are more likely to have sex at least once a week than their Democrat peers, the study showed.

“This finding left me curious about how specific components of relational bliss might be affected by political leanings. The answer is surprising: Republicans have more sex than Democrats and cheat less on their spouses. Political independents have sex even more often than Republicans but cheat at the same rate Democrats do,” Wolfinger, a University of Utah professor, explained in the Institute for Family Studies report.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A smile is not interest

And being nice does not mean that she has the hots for you. Quite the opposite, usually:
Do you ever wonder why it seems like all pretty girls are nasty bitches?  Does it seem like every time you try to talk to pretty girls they are kind of low grade mean and hostile to you?  I know that sometimes I feel this way.  However I’ve learned a very important truth that explains why so many pretty girls are forced to act nasty to men they meet.

When kind, sweet girls are really nice to men who they don’t know and don’t have interest in, the same thing always happens.  Every freaking time, the guy she was nice to, decides that she is really interested in him and he decides that he wants to date her.  Most average men don’t know how to run game.  They don’t understand that they must ask a girl out on a date and if she always is unavailable it means that she isn’t interested.  What average men do is they add her on Faceberg.  Then they “like” all of her photos.  Then they try to have never ending text conversations with the girl who was nice to them.  When pretty girls are kind to most of the average men they date, their cell phone literally never stops buzzing with some perma-chode trying to find out about their day and telling them that they look pretty.  After a very short time being kind to average men becomes a huge burden for pretty girls.
It's pretty easy to tell if a woman is nice rather than interested if you pay sufficient attention. If she seems to relax and loosen up once you've made it clear that you have no designs on her, she's not interested. If, on the other hand, she gets offended and even a little bitchy, then she probably is.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Seriously, we do notice

30 things women don't realize that men notice:
4. The fact that girls often can’t think for themselves.
When with their friends, girls will usually always look at each other before making a decision.

11. If she’s playing stupid.
We can tell when you are playing stupid, and it is not cute.
We can also tell when you're attracted to another man, but refuse to admit it.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Friday, June 9, 2017

One cannot gamma any harder

You see, my dear Gamma males, this is why you NEED TO STOP LYING. Everyone sees through it.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Hypergamy conquers all

British man was dumped in favor of a UK residence-seeking jihadi.
The jilted boyfriend of London Bridge terrorist Rachid Redouane's wife has told how she dumped him by text message to begin her new life with the jihadi. Phillip Nowell said he had been separated from girlfriend Charisse O'Leary for a few months when she began secretly seeing Moroccan mass murderer Redouane.

Within just 12 weeks of ending the relationship, Charisse, 38, married Redouane, 30, one of three men who murdered eight people in Saturday night's Borough Market atrocity. Phillip said he was stunned to be dumped by text and even more surprised when he learned she had so quickly wed in Dublin, Ireland.
Well, if two crazy kids like Charisse and Rachid can't make it work, what hope is there for the rest of us?